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Sound Problems

1. Q: There is no sound when playing video through USB or TF card?
A: Is the USB or TF card unsupported? Some devices do not support TDS, AC3, MKV. Or is it a video with Dolby? Some devices do not support Dolby. If no, the speaker may have a problem. Contact customer service for help.
2. Q: There is a strange noise coming from the projector when the video is playing.
A: Check whether there is any foreign matter or dust in the speaker and clean it thoroughly.
3. Q: The speaker’s sound is intermittent, what do I do?
A: Older software needs to upgrade to the new version. If this upgrade does not solve the issue, contact customer service for further help. 
4. Q: Only one side of the speaker has sound when playing?
A: This may be caused by the sound channel. Try debugging the sound channel and trying again. If this does not work, check whether the speaker has a broken side when playing video on USB. If so, contact customer service for help.
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